Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Truth, Beauty

I read in The Herald and heard on National Radio about a "lost world" (in fact, previously unfound) of animals and plants that had been discovered in New Guinea.

What the scientists found was extraordinary and beautiful. How they went about finding what they found was also extraordinary and beautiful, as was their ability to distinguish what they had found from what was already known. After all, the beauty of Science is its ability to make distinction, as well as to classify and to decide on the basis of those classifications. In doing so, it describes the beauty of Nature.

And then I speculated, Rationalist that I am and ever so mindful of how Science has been disdained by those who claim to have a better judgement, whether the scientists who found this 'garden of Eden' were in a race with the Creation Scientists (Old Earth and Young Earth) or the Intelligent Design 'theorists' to find and classify these previously unknown species.

Of course they were not: real Science gets on with the work of doing Science; bogus 'science' takes a back seat and criticises. There have been no discoveries made by Creation Scientists, Young or Old, or by Intelligent Designists. Not once, not ever. These bogus scientists have nothing to add, although they will do their best to insinuate that their opinions have some bearing on what has been found. Of course, they are lying.

As a medical student (who died at a ridiculously young age from Consumption) once said:

Beauty is truth, truth beauty, - that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.