Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Darwin Day!

On this day, February 12, in 1809 a little boy was born in Shrewsbury, England, who would one day write a book (or several, as it turned out) explaining the theory that underpins all of modern biology...

Charles Darwin - the shy, reclusive, persistent, possibly hypochondriac, conflict-avoiding son of doctor, would be clergyman, and amateur geologist, who also discovered that barnacles are actually crustaceans.

Happy 197th Birthday!

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UPDATE: YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!AJ Chesswas, a.k.a. Allan, a.k.a. Agri-Christian is departing the cyber-narcissitico-blogo-sphere. I swear, I SWEAR! WE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Adieu, Allan, It was fun while it lasted, even though I personally disagree with almost every syllable you write. I had a read of Allan's post recounting The Great AJ Chesswas Conceptual Art Project, and couldn't help but get a smile on my dial. Aaahh...those were the days. Some people enjoyed it, others didn't, some even mystically attribute the winding down of About Town to The Project, an inference that is entirely incorrect, but nonetheless speaks volumes to its infamy. Allan, you are a legend, even if wrong most of the time. Good night, and Good Luck.