Monday, January 02, 2006

Come in, Make yourselves at Home.

According to Mäori creation mythology, Täne ascended the twelve heavens and came back to mankind with the three baskets of knowledge, or kete were. These baskets were kete-aronui, holding all knowledge to help mankind, kete-tuauri, the knowledge of the spiritual world and kete-tuatea or knowledge of evil.

When developing this blog, we wanted something different; something that wasn't a constant slinging match between personalities and political ideologies. The anonymity and the pseudonymity that comes with a virtual world has often times led to the eclipsing of the benefits that such a world establishes. Rather than free exchange of ideas, in many cases we descend to personal battles. Rather than instant and rapid dialogue tempered by respect, there is often character assassination. Rather than discussions about ideas, there is the default strategy to simply box those that don't share your position as a moonbat or imperialist or other such label du jour. Don't assume that the contributors here are somehow implying that we are above or immune to such behaviour. We just don't want it to be like that. If you find us doing it, please let us know.

So what can you expect from us and this blog?

Well, firstly, this will be a blog about ideas. We aren't particularly interested in talking in great depth about ourselves, about what we did today or what kind of cereal we had for breakfast. If you look on the sidebar to your left, you will find plenty of blogs that have that as their modus operandi. The contributors all have areas of interest: John in economics, Paul in religion, art and philosophy, Xavier in science, Moxie in education and governance issues and Katie in international and national politics. Over the course of the next while other contributors may be joining us to talk about the things they're interested in.

While we will at times be waxing political, this blog is not partisan. Some of us are, or have been, involved in one political party or t'other at some point, but we will not be discussing that here. Again, if you want a partisan blog, skim to left. There are plenty there.

We're not interested in blog wars, the evils of the MSM, Hayley Westenra's pornographic potential or even...conceptual art projects. Yes, some of us learned our lesson on that one. We are not here to label anyone moonbats, loonie lefties, rich capitalists, democruds, lazy students or selfish rightwingers, and we would appreciate the same. We are here, hopefully, to provide a forum about stuff that's happening, things that are going on, and our thoughts about them. Even more hopefully to provide a forum for your thoughts about them too.

If you find something that interests you, please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions. We want to hear what you think, whether you agree or disagree with our position on the matters. Please remember, though, to treat us and other commenters with respect. We'll try our best to reciprocate and not be hypocrites. We're not going to ban you or block you or moderate comments if you act like a pillock. However, just keep in mind that you are here by the goodwill of the operators of the blog, as all blogs operate, and that your behaviour isn't welcome.

If you want us to link to you, we will be happy to do so if you can reciprocate.

Enjoy your stay,
The kete were team.