Thursday, June 01, 2006

He just wanted my account number

I had the strangest experience a couple of days ago.
I have been receiving Nigerian scam emails just like everyone else for years but I have been receiving this South African email for a while and I have been deleting it.

Two mornings ago, at about 7am my mobile phone rang. It came up restricted number which I usually wouldn’t answer. The only reason I have started answering restricted numbers is that the Auckland city council and also many journalists have their number restricted and you cant tell who it is – so I have had to start answering it.
Anyway Its this guy with a thick African accent and my initial thought is that it is someone from the International Union of Socialist Youth calling to talk to me about Spain but he says he is from South Africa and that he has sent me an email and that he needs my account number and I am like “what? Huh?” because his accent is so thick so I say goodbye and think nothing of it really. Until I turn on my computer and there is a scammers email from this guy in South Africa!
I have to have my cell number online because I am an elected representative but that is so funny – and strange, does it happen often that they call people? Can I do anything about it?