Friday, June 09, 2006

Better than Welly?

You may not realise it but part of my work is involved in developing solutions to solve the current skills shortages in Auckland. Its great work that is very rewarding and I work closely with the business community which I don't do much in other parts of my life.
I have been reading the 'jobs letter' and it says that there is good news for civil servants who want to go across the ditch - Camberra are doing a massive recruitment drive in Wellington. Although Camberra can generally offer higher salaries, there is a downside to the deal - you have to live in Camberra.

Its probably a bit mean for me to judge but even the people of Camberra admit that their city is a bit on the boring side.

It also reports of a Dutch study that shows that pregant women in high stress jobs should not work more than 24 hours a week from teh very beginning of their pregnancy.
It shows that these women were more likely to have babies that were born at lower than average weight.
These babies are, in turn, more likely to be obese, be more at risk of heart attacks, stroke and diabetes. Also these women are more likely to have problems with their pregancies. This is a pretty important point as many women want to continur working as normal for several months into their pregnancy. I guess it can sometimes be easy to forget how stressed you are until its too late.