Friday, May 05, 2006

Can anyone say "normalised?"

I was watching breakfast TV this morning and they had a story about a jockey and his horse. The story was very simple and spoke about the jockey and his horse being reunited for some reason. The real killer was when they asked the jockey how he felt about the horse in a partnership and the jockey said "Its better than having a girlfriend because it doesn't talk back" and then it cut to the newsroom where the news reader said jokingly "yes, he did really say that. Good on him". I was just stunned and it reminded me of the comments about what is normal or not.

I was sent this link,2106,3656482a1823,00.html to this story yesterday also which is so unbelievable I cant even comprehend it.
This story is saying
1. Liz Williams be alienated from the team and nobody seems to concerned about that
2. Liz Williams should not have bought up the issue as "boys will be boys"
3.That kind of behaviour in the NZ cycling team is the norm and accepted
4. If a cyclist feels unsafe it is not okay to complain about it
5. The females in this team have been lead to believe that this behaviour is okay and normal
6. If someone makes a complaint and others have not before them, then that complaint is not legitimate.
7. If other female team members are okay with certain behaviour and someone else is not then it is not the problem of the team but of the person to rectify,

I think this story is a clear example of how certain behaviour is legitimised in our society and that women have accepted certain behaviours as the norm without realising hat we have some say or control over the situation. Here is it women too who have taken the power away from their fellow sisters and have lead them to be powerless. It seems its not just University, its cycling too.