Monday, February 27, 2006

You want to what?

New Zealand First MP Brian Donnelley has drafted a Private members Bill the “Education (Establishment of Universities of Technology) Amendment Bill.

The Bill proposes to establish “Universities of Technology” that will fill the perceived gap between traditional universities and polytechnics.
The problem with the bill as I see it is that it establishes Universities of Technology that are not considered Universities.
So where would AUT (now called AUT University, which is so funny – Auckland University of Technology University) fit into this?
We don’t know and would have to see what the explanation about that is, we can presume this has something to do with Unitec and its annoying, yappy claims that it should be a University.
Brian Donnelly claims that this is normal practise overseas to establish these universities of technology, I challenge him to show the public examples of this practise where it is the norm.
New Zealand does not need new types of university or polytechnic we are in oversupply as it is.

The most annoying thing about the bill, besides being a retarded idea, is that Labour has promised to bring it into the house if it does not get drawn soon as part of an election deal with NZ First. Painful Painful. I will attach a copy of the bill when I can get access to it.

Speaking of painful – what is the story with UCOL and how is this happening? Its not often that I agree with the National Party but this is a rare occasion when Bill English has it right on the button. UCOL is basically getting bailed out by the government – which I agree with in certain circumstances, as regional polytechs are very important- what I don’t agree with is two CEO’s are they stupid? Do they need two people to do one persons job? Couldn’t they just appoint another manager for a smaller cost? I know that this release has a National Party spin on it but whatever way you spin it – its painful. The UCOL council have something to answer for. Duncan Milne a wool research company director and investor – silly, woolly man, chairs the Council. How are they going to get themselves out of the s**t if they spend money on Two CEOs eh? How?