Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Yawn, Booooring.
A bird tells me that Ken Rapson, Mount Roskill Grammar Principal is moving on to the University of Auckland. He will be the director of the schools partnership office which is in charge of school liaison and partnerships.
Ken is a former Auckland (Boys) Grammar School Deputy Principal and I believe he had something to do with the development of the University of Auckland schools leadership centre.

The centre runs professional development workshops and leadership seminars that cost hundreds of dollars to attend. One does not approve, I presume they also do research but I am yet to see anything come out of the centre, the current director is one Ms Dawn Jones. Dawn is a former Diocesan school for girls Principal – 15 years and also co-founded Senior College with University of Auckland former Vice Chancellor and Maxim institute supported John Graham.
I wonder what lofty heights of glory Mr Rapson will take the schools partnership office to? His background is certainly droll and I doubt he will add much more than a smattering of grey to the beige world that is the University of Auckland.