Friday, February 17, 2006

If you are a born with a learning disability you must pay more, stupid!

Auckland’s Cockle bay school has been charging for specific learning disabilities classes that students attend during school time.
ERO found out that the school were making parents pay for this tuition during a routine review. You can read about it here.

What astonishes me is how the school could interpret the Education Act in a way that condoned the school charging a tuition fee to parents.
Although the school should be commended for providing these classes for students with learning disabilities they must realise that compulsory education is currently still ‘free’ under the law.

It seems to me that it is reasonable to charge parents the standard school fee but an added fee for these classes is clearly against the act.
Children with learning disabilities are entitled to be taught like all other students – there has been no choice made by them to have a learning disability therefore any education they receive must be under the requirements of the education act for all students to receive an education.
The self determination for schools that came in during the Tomorrows schools reforms was certainly exciting but you do get morons like Cockle Bay school chairman David Crawford interpreting he education act and charging students for a basic education. Go figure.