Friday, February 10, 2006

Aussies want to abort at home too!

Helen Clark met with John Howard yesterday but most of the questions from the media at the press conference were for Howard - asking him about where he stood on RU-486.

UPDATE: Voted today 16/02/06 - the upper house passed the bill to remove right of veto over RU-486 from Minister of Health- well done aussies!

Currently the Australian Health Minister has the right of veto over whether Australians will have access to the abortion pill RU-486. The difficulty is is the Health Minister is fundamentally anti-abortion. A cross-party private members bill was put together that removed the Health Minister's right of veto and it has successfully made it through the senate last night. Read about it here!

John Howard is trying to move the debate away from abortion - claiming that it is vital that the Health Minister keep his right to veto. But it's a conscience vote and his party members voted against him in the first round of voting. With some luck the bill will be passed through the House of Representatives - Proud and open anti-abortionists do not good Health Ministers make.

PS- I desperately wanted to call this post something about dingos stealing babies but couldn’t work it in without offending myself.